Keep Up to Date on HR
Compliance or Pay the Consequences

Joe’s company is in a growth phase and Joe is too busy to deal with all the HR compliance issues. He feels the need to make sure his company has an HR Program in line with the HR Best Practices.

Joe is frustrated because he can’t find an economical and easy way to see if all his HR Program is in order or if he is exposed to violations that could lead to expensive and time-consuming problems down the road with problem employees and the government.

Joe recently had a problem with an employee dismissal related to his handbook, and a few other issues. He had to deal with a legal action that cost him over $1,500 to resolve. Ugg!

Joe’s lawyer advised that if Joe had taken the time to make sure he had the issue covered in his outdated handbook; there would be no need to absorb his legal fees.

TalentValue Experience:  Over the past 25 years, we have worked with clients to determine how to get a handle on their HR Strategies; and in so doing, developed a tool that will help business owners audit their HR program to see what is working and what is critical to fix, and what action can be taken to improve their HR Program.

TalentValue Insight:  We have developed a tool you can use to audit your HR program to take a closer look at your current practices in human resources, to assess your vulnerability in a number of HR  policies, and provide you with a report and information to make good decisions going forward The audit helps to establish where you are doing well today and where there is potential trouble in the future.

It is a systematic analysis of where you currently stand in your human resources practices while ensuring that government laws, regulations and company policies are being followed. You may only have a little time to make the corrections, and you want to be sure you’re moving in the right direction.

Why do an HR Audit? 

  • To be sure the people who work for you are being appropriately utilized.
  • To review your compliance with a myriad of administrative and governmental rules and regulations that are changing all too often.
  • To instill a sense of confidence in management and the human resources function that it is well managed and prepared to meet potential challenges.
  • To maintain or enhance the organization’s and the department’s reputation in the community that it is compliant with the federal and state.
  • To perform a “due diligence” review for shareholders or potential investors/owners so that their investment is properly protected from an HR viewpoint.
  • To be sure that the people who work at your organization are treated fairly and with respect; that information is communicated appropriately to all who should know.

Steps you can take right now: TalentValue Advisors are here to help you with these difficult and burdensome obligations on your part. We are here to help and guide you in your decision making. We are not a law firm and do not provide legal advice. We have well qualified attorneys on call who guide us in providing some of the information that is required.

What to do next to improve your HR Strategies: spend a few minutes to start a conversation with a Certified Advisor to help you decide what action you need to take to tune up your HR program and future performance improvement objectives.