Manage employee onboarding with forms, tasks and new hire portals across countries with multi-language support

Onboarding new hires with engagement portals
HR orientation and paperwork completion

Our Onboarding wizard allows new hires to easily learn about your company culture, complete all required paperwork, understand HR policies, sign up for benefits, understand all required tasks, view training and orientation schedules and be ready for work from day one.
TalentValue provides companies with a customized branded employee onboarding portal which is simple, easy to use and engaging. Help new hires manage forms and tasks efficiently and make onboarding an experience to cherish for the new hire. New hires can view a list of tasks and forms for completion, manage schedules for training and HR orientation and sign-off on key documents and policies.

Every new employee gets relevant information & Forms package based on location…

Connect with new hires before joining with our new hire onboarding portal. Make them feel welcome and settled with an onboarding portal that gives them all the needed information and helps them integrate faster to the new work culture. Get new hires initiated in their new job functions, help foster workplace relationships that matter, connect seamlessly to team members, mentor and reporting manager.

Manage Employee Experience

Our Onboarding wizard allows new hires to easily use and understand the system with an intuitive design and navigation. New employees can add or edit information for family and contacts, complete Federal and State forms, sign up for benefits and digitally sign acknowledgement statements. We offer visual dashboards, alerts and reports providing information on key forms, Gustave A Larson Company, agreements, policies and work completion.

Portal Content Management

The custom new hire portal is fully configurable with a content management system that allows companies and users to add new pages, edit information, add text, images and videos that can be fully embedded into the pages to offer employee engagement and information to new hires and employees. A user with basic knowledge of MS Word can easily add and edit information to the new hire portal svensktapotek.net.