• Why use OnePost Job Advertising?
    Why use OnePost Job Advertising?

    Because it is no longer cost effective to only advertise jobs on one or two boards.  

  • Why Rate Applicants  ?
    Why Rate Applicants ?

    Because wasting your time interviewing unqualified candidates is too costly, you're better off only interviewing the best people.

  • Why Use Hiring Assessments?
    Why Use Hiring Assessments?

    Because like an iceberg it’s what is below the surface that can cause a disaster. 

  • Why Background Screening?
    Why Background Screening?

    Because of the legal risks, you expose your company to is staggeringly expensive.

  • Why Smart People Underperform?
    Why Smart People Underperform?

    Because they are not trained or not fit to do the job. They don't have the cognitive and behavioral skills to be productive.

  • Why Leadership Matters?
    Why Leadership Matters?

    Great leaders run more profitable companies. If you want to improve your bottom line get in touch with us.

Our Services

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Why OnePost Job Advertising?

We don’t post to just any job boards. We only post to the right 100+ job boards where your applicants are looking; when they are looking!
Our OnePost technology works with a network of the most popular job boards including Indeed, Google, Monster, Zip Recruiter, Craig’s List and Veterans Job Boards to name a few. OnePost uses artificial intelligence to find qualified candidates.

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Why Applicant Tracking & Management?

TalentValue SELECT Applicant Tracking System (ATS) handles job postings, applicants, resumes, interviews and documents your engagement with all applicants.
Consider the time you invest (or waste) when you have to post a job, review resumes, interview non-qualified applicants, play phone-tag and forget critical information between candidates and not have the documentation to support a negligent hiring lawsuit.

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Why Job Fit Assessments?

Why Assess for Job Fit?  Does the candidate possess the Cognitive Skills and Critical Behavioral Traits based on the Job Role?
Can the person do the job & ramp up quickly, do they exhibit the behavioral traits to deal with the pressures of the job or not? 
Are they honest, reliable, safety conscious, a team player, non-confrontational, able to handle stress, or prone to drug abuse?

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Why Background Checking?

We provide employers across the globe the tools they need to quickly, easily and confidently welcome new individuals to their team. We focus on making the process convenient and secure and the results comprehensive and compliant.
When you combine the latest technology with exceptional client service, you get solutions that work hard to help your business succeed and avoid problematic employees.

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Why Employee Development?

Performance management is a shared understanding of how people contribute to your organization's goals and mission.
An effective management strategy focuses on aligning your workforce, building competencies, improving employee development.
Performance management is not a performance review it’s a collaborative effort between management and the employee.

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Why Leadership Skill Building?

Creating a Strong Leadership Culture is critical to engaging employees who work harder and support your mission.  As the leadership team gets stronger, the ability of the entire organization to function better gets stronger and more productive. The end result is a more successful and profitable organization that meets the needs of your customers, your employees, the community you serve, your management team and your shareholders.

The New Art of Hiring Smart...

With the national unemployment rate below 4% in many markets, recruiting strategies are rapidly changing due to the highly competitive war for  talent.  It’s a fact that search engines are becoming more and more sophisticated to make it easier for job-seekers to find opportunities within a  25-mile radius of where they live or are looking to work.  For the foreseeable future, recruiting and retaining great employees will become increasingly competitive, more time-consuming and costlier than it has over the past 10-15 years. 

Working with small and large companies for the past 25 years, TalentValue has developed a staffing system designed for the unique jobs within the repo industry. The system is a streamlined 5-step process that dramatically reduces the time to recruit and hire qualified talent at the lowest possible cost than any other system on the market.

How TalentValue Recruiting & Staffing System works


At TalentValue, we provide low-cost, candidate sourcing, candidate vetting and management through our online staffing system.

Our services streamline the traditional recruitment process, delivering you high-quality candidates at a single, low-cost. We use a combination of cloud-based management AI software and in-house recruitment expertise to reach the best talent in your marketplace, allowing you to start receiving applications quickly and drive down your cost and time to hire.

With over 40 years in the recruitment space, our talent management specialists have the experience and know how to get you qualified, great employees while saving you over 70% of the time it would take you using any other system or hiring strategy. We have built up networks of connections and know how to optimize a job advert to attract the best candidates.


Choose the right package for you

For one fee you can run entire recruitment compaign

Request a consultation to determine the best recruitig solution for you.

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OnePost Package

Not to Exceed Budget
$ 300

  • Post to Top Job Boards
  • Job Ad Copy Update
  • Google SEO Job Ad Code
  • Access over 1,000 job boards
  • Managed Recruiting Service Option

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OnePost PRO Package

Not toExceed
$ 500

  • Applicant Tracking Portal
  • Applicant Qualification Ranking
  • JobFit Assessment Integrations
  • Background Check Integration
  • Onboarding Portal Integration

What makes us different


TalentValue is the only low-cost, fixed-fee recruitment provider that specializes in advertising recruitment campaigns for jobs in the Sales, IT, Marketing, Office & Secretarial, with special expertise in the Fininacial, Retail, Repossession, Hospitality, Supermarket, Construction, Painters, and Distribution Industries. Insand finance industries. We are cost effective from entry level to director level.

As a team of recruitment experts, we know exactly how and where to advertise your job roles to guarantee the most visibility and best candidate responses – helping you to get ahead of the competition. Our fixed-fee recruitment services are over 80% cheaper than using a traditional recruitment agency and 40-50% cheaper than doing it yourself..