TalentValue Organizational Fit Assessment

It’s all about matching the right
person to the job.

Why waist time interviewing candidates who may have behavioral issues that are counterproductive to successful mon the job performance.

We provide a dependable pre-qualification and interviewing tool that saves interviewing time and provides information about a candidate that will help you avoid making an expensive hiring mistake.

Here is what our Organizational Fit Assessment measures:

Attendance and Responsibility – likely to be dependable, stable, takes responsibility of their actions, not likely to have attendance problems
Reliability – likely to be hardworking, conscientious about quality of their work
Drug Free Attitude – likely to be free of illegal drug use
Rules Compliance –likely to follow company policies and adhere to rules
Trustworthiness – likely to be honest
Non-Violent Attitude – likely to respect others and not engage in aggressive workplace behavior such as intentionally damaging company property.
Safety – likely to follow company safety rules and is cautious and vigilant about avoiding workplace accidents.
Team Player – likely to cooperate in all aspects of their work relationships
Stress Management – likely to demonstrate patience and stress tolerance during times of conflict with customers and other stress work-related situations.
Candidness – candid and accurate in their responses and not trying to outsmart the test