Avoid Making Another Hiring Mistake

Why Use Assessments?  Avoid a Costly Hiring Mistake.

No matter how great an applicant looks on paper and how great they appear during the job interview, many applicants are experienced at presenting themselves in the best possible light to even the most experienced recruiter. Difficult personality characteristics, low-skill levels and integrity issues may not surface until your new hire is working. Now, you have to deal with the emotional strain and potential legal problems that goes with terminating a bad hire.  Plus, you have the costs of recruiting again.

Why Use Assessments?  Reduce Bias in the Hiring Process.

Standardize questions asked of every candidate are unreliable for predicting job success; some candidates are better prepared than others. Often, interviewers make a quick 10-second decision because they hire people they can relate to on a personal level.

Job Fit Behavioral Assessments with their targeted questions for each applicant and job can help you gain insight into an applicant’s experience, competencies, potential, and behavior beyond their resume and overcome an initial bias.

Why Use Assessments?  Understand Risk-Taking Behaviors.

During this current pandemic, workers in hospitals, pharmacies, grocery stores, and logistics are keeping us safe. Unfortunately, not everyone is on the same page when it comes to safety. Some heed advice and others defy rules. What makes the difference in how people react to the rules and how important is this to your current job. Understand why some of your employees may or may not be taking safety in the workplace seriously. There are 6 personality traits predictive of safety incidents.

Why Use Assessments?   Build a Strong Work Culture.

By assessing work values and attitudes, you can see what core values your applicant shares with your organization. Even the most qualified applicants may not be a good fit for your organization’s culture and beliefs. When your organization and applicants align, productivity and engagement can increase.

Why Job Fit Assessments?

Hiring for job fit, can increase positive outcomes in your workplace and improve your business culture while engaging and retaining your employees.

Try it Before You Buy It

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