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Discover How To Cut Your Cost of Recruiting

Frustrated ManagerDick’s Frustrated!  He’s sick and tired of spending money, and wasting his time, finding and hiring qualified job seekers.  With the raging war for talent in Dick’s market area it’s seems impossible to compete for local talent.  Another frustration is that the last person he “had” to hire cost him a fortune by upsetting one of Dick’s best clients to the extent that they stopped doing business with Dick altogether.

What is the best Job Board for My Market?

The simple answer is there is not one job board that can guarantee to find the talent you need to fill you job openings.  The straight skinny is that posting to only one job board, even Indeed “the worlds largest job board” is missing over 50% of the available job seekers in your local market.  The answer is to post your jobs to as many job boards where candidates are searching, sites like Monster, Zip Recruiter, LinkedIN, Glass Door, Craig’s List to name a few.  The challenge is, that it’s too expensive to individually post on all these job boards all at the same time.

What’s The Solution to Find Qualified Job Seekers Fast?

Use our EasyPost AI Technology to post your job ads to all of the top job boards based on where the job seeker action is 24/7.   With over 25,000+ job sites from every industry and function imaginable, we can access the most popular job sites, niches, collegiate job boards, state job banks, diversity job boards, and more. Even better, we’ve made it easy to access and manage them with our ONE POST system letting you spend more time on meaningful work and less time on manual, repetitive tasks.  With all your jobs featured on your own website job seekers can apply for jobs for FREE 24/7/365. With job advertising budgets under starting at $250 we find the best talent faster than any other job advertising platform.

How Does TalentValue Recruit Work?

Four Easy Steps with Our Applicant Tracking System:

  1. Automatically EasyPost your job with a “not to exceed budget”
  2. Vet new applicants with custom pre-qualification questions and behavioral job fit  assessments
  3. Interview candidates using behavioral job fit interviewing assessment reports.
  4. Click to order a criminal background check.

What Does TalentValue RECRUIT Cost?

  • EasyPost Job Ad distribution costs no more than you decide to budget.
  • License fees are based on the size of your company.
  • Unlimited candidates, Administrators, hiring assessments and criminal background checks are FREE.