Recruiting Talent Just Got Less Expensive

OnePost is SMART AI Technology

Here’s What Our Clients Used to Complain About:

“I’m frustrated because I never know where to post my job ads to find qualified applicants”

“In the past, I put my job ad up and in only a few days my ad was on page 6; so far down the list that no one knows I am there.”

“I spend my money for a 30-day ad, but it is only effective 3 or 4 days. How do I keep my ad at the top of the job boards?”

“I need to minimize the cost of posting to job boards while at the same time maximize the number of applicants who apply without overspending for the job posting?”

“I don’t know where applicants in my industry go to apply for the jobs I am looking to fill?”

“I’m frustrated with this entire recruiting process it’s really a mystery.

” I need to make recruiting simple yet still fill the jobs I need to grow my business.”

Here’s How We Helped Them:

We don’t post to just one job boards, we post to the most popular job boards including Indeed, Google, Monster, Zip Recruiter, Craig’s List, LinkedIn, and more at not to exceed advertising budget, Our OnePost Search Engine Job Optimization Technology is smart and moves your job ad’s to different job boards during your advertising campaign. If you’re having trouble finding qualified applicants, you need to consider working with us.


Here’s the Nitty Gritty on How TalentValue ONE POST Recruiting System Works:

How to get applicants to apply for your job: 

  • We create a job posting media plan and write a job ad that will attract your applicants.
  • We use SEO (Search Engine Optimization) technology to help build the right job ad for your job.
  • We research the job boards that are most appropriate for your position.
  • We place your job ad on your site under the TalentValue ONE POST Recruiting system;
  • Then the TalentValue ONE POST system will automatically place your job advertisement in all the right Job Boards to drive applicant traffic to you.
  • We don’t post to just one job board, we post to the most popular job boards including Indeed, Google, Monster, Zip Recruiter, Craig’s List, LinkedIn, and other specialized job boards.
  • We control the budget because you set a “not-to-exceed” advertising budget and we will make sure it is followed.
  • We provide your own career page to link to your own company website so  Google for Jobs will find your website and provide job seekers access.
What makes TalentValue OnePost a better approach for you?
We access all that Indeed offers; all that ZipRecruiter offers; all that Google for Jobs offers; and even more. At a single low-cost posting budget.

This is Job Board Optimization Technology as it always should have been. We optimize your job ads on all the right job boards at a price you can afford.
Our approach uses Job Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Artificial Intelligence Logarithms to post jobs to the best job board s through our partner network.  Job ads are recycled based on traffic on all the job boards in our system.  TalentValue partners with Indeed. This advantage provides job performance research not available to employers.
TalentValue recruiting specialists research the competitive market condition for each job and recommend a budget to get the best results.

The ONE POST system uses our Applicant Tracking System to pre-qualify the best candidates for you and move them along in the vetting process quickly.