TalentValue Recruiting System 

OnePost Recruiting Job Search Optimization System

  • Job Posting to hundreds of popular job boards
  • Low cost custom media job advertising plans.

TalentValue Applicant Tracking & Management System

Cut your recruiting admin by 70%.  Pre-qualify, interview, assess and communicate with the best job applicants.

TalentValue SELECT Assessments

Assess for Organizational/Cultural Fit and Job Fit for any job description with our validated-for-hiring, assessment solutions.

Build Your Custom Assessment,  Visit our Behaviorial and Skills Assessment Library  (Use up to any 9 behaviorial or skills scales in one job fit assessment)

See if this works for your organization.  Request a FREE Demo Assessment for any job description..

 Veriproved Background Checking Services 

Exclusive "Screen Me Now" HR compliant applicant portal.

Applicants easily respond to your invitation to authorize a background check, sign all the FRCA required documents and fill out all the data fields with accurate personal secure information.

The good news is that this applicant portal takes 80% of the administrative labor out of managing background and drug screening processes.