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  • What can you do to reduce the money you pay out each month for the HR administrative costs you need to have to run your business?
  • What can you do to eliminate the roadblocks, obstacles, inefficiencies and mistakes that drain time, energy and money from your business?

There is nothing good about having a lot of cost and overhead in your business. It is necessary but the less you have to pay out the more you get to keep.

Cost reduction comes in two ways: (1) from actually paying fewer dollars for the same product or service and (2) Not incurring the expense in the first place. The first you see in front of you. It is obvious and the action can be very easy to see. Cut the expense. The second is the hidden costs of mistakes, errors, poor judgment.

People doing things slower than they could if they were engaged. People miscounting or breaking something or making decisions that hurt everyone in the end. What actions can you take to reduce the actual expenses for the items you need to run your business? Examine everything you do. Are you assuming that your current providers are giving you the best deals? Have you looked at other providers for payroll and benefits? Quality can be defined as “adherence to standards”. Have you defined, articulated and communicated your standards clearly to your employees? Compliance is making sure that you and your people know the right thing to do and then do it accurately, safely and consistently every time.

When people decide to take “short cuts”, the time and money that are theoretically saved are spent on the back end with mistakes, errors and accidents.  The old advertising saying hold true: “Pay me now or pay me later.” If you decide to pay me later, then the cost is going to be significantly higher. “What just happened to me?” is not something you want to be saying after the fact. Each of the areas we have identified in the Cost and Compliance Center can bring you a positive result with a thorough review and examination. Ask your TalentValue Advisor to discuss what you can do that can make a difference in your costs?

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