The 12 Lessons of Leadership

  1. Leading– Leaders provide clear and understandable direction and support each and every time to every person with whom they deal.
    1. Decide where you want to go
    2. Customer Back
    3. Know your business
  2. Educating– Leaders allow their people to grow and learn by developing a challenging and creative workplace. They communicate more rather than less.
    1. Communicate your message clearly
    2. Learn something new each day
    3. Courage to tell the truth
  3. Appreciating– Leaders need to appreciate and recognize people for the job they are doing; They say thank you for a job well done
    1. Relationships not transactions
    2. Passion and Enthusiasm
    3. Discipline
  4. Dollarizing- Leaders make sure that their people know they are accomplishing something important. Their people know it is worth the effort they are putting into the job. Dollars are the storehouse of value. Dollarizing puts a value on what we are accomplishing.
    1. Do it now!
    2. Persistence
    3. The power of one person


  1. The first lesson of Leadership

    Decide where you want to go
  2. The second lesson of Leadership

    Customer Back
  3. The third lesson of Leadership

    Know your business
  4. The fourth lesson of Leadership

    Communicate your message clearly
  5. The fifth lesson of Leadership

    Learn something new each day
  6. The sixth lesson of Leadership

    Courage to tell the truth
  7. The seventh lesson of Leadership

    Relationships not transactions
  8. The eighth lesson of Leadership

  9. The ninth lesson of Leadership

  10. The tenth lesson of Leadership

  11. The eleventh lesson of Leadership

    Do it now!
  12. The twelfth lesson of Leadership

    The power of one person