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Here’s What Our Clients Used to Complain About

"I used to spend too much time posting my job ad"

"I found myself spending too much time reviewing resumes"

"Interviewing non-qualified applicants is frustrating me"

" I hate the task of playing phone-tag only to reach a recorded voicemail."

"After a while, I found I was forgetting critical information between candidates."

"I worry about not the documentation I might need to support a negligent hiring lawsuit."

"I’m so busy running my business I really can’t find the time to waste my time dealing with the minutia of recruiting administration."

Here’s how we helped them:

  • We automatically post your job ads on OnePost
  • The system Pre-qualifies applicants for skills and experience and desired behavioral traits.
  • We stack rank all candidates based on a % that match your needs.
  • You only spend your time with the best candidates.
  • You easily communicate with candidates
  • The system develops a recruiting database for future hires.
  • Your Hiring Manager receives interview notifications by email.
  • Record Applicant Tracking System workflow updates.

The Nitty Gritty on How the Applicant Tracking System works:

  • The best candidates will be asked to apply the Applicant Tracking System (ATS). Besides being an efficient method of managing your time, it also provides critical legal protection for you as they will be all treated the same.
  • Each candidate will be asked a series of pre-qualification questions based on your requirements. Some are technical questions you need to ask to determine if they have the specific job knowledge and other criteria needed to do the job. There are also a series of behavioral questions to determine how their attitudes affect their job performance.
  • Too many managers hire for skill only and fire for the behaviors of their employees, 
  • You will weight each question to assist in ranking each person most qualified to least qualified based on their answers.
  • Some questions will be automatic knock-out questions to eliminate those who are clearly not qualified for the job.
  • When the applicant answers the technical and behavioral questions the system creates a score depending on how you have weighted the importance of each job.

The Next Step in our SELECT System is Background Checks - click to learn more