OnePost Recruiting

We save you time to find qualified candidates.

  • Find the qualified people to fill your job openings.
  • Post your jobs only to the right job boards.
  • Keep your job ad at the top of the job boards.
  • Post where job seekers are currently searching.
  • Maximize your recruiting budget.
  • Eliminate plowing through useless resumes.

           Job Posting Dilemmas:

  • How can I post a job ad for a company to the best job boards for my company, my jobs and my industry?

  • In the past I put my job ad up and in a only few days my ad is on page 6; so far down the list that no one knows I am there.

  • I spend my money for a 30-day ad, but it is really only effective 3 or 4 days. How do I keep my ad at the top of the job boards?

  • How can I minimize the cost of posting to job boards while at the same time maximize the number of applicants who apply?

  • How can I control my budget so that I don’t spend too much?

  • How can I possibly know which job boards to post to and find the right applicants?

  • Where do applicants go to apply for the jobs I am looking to fill?

  • This entire recruiting process is a mystery. How can I make it simple yet still fill the jobs I need to grow my business?

The OnePost Solution:

You want good applicants that meet your job requirements. The idea is to get the best candidates not the most candidates. It is about quality not quantity.

We don’t post to just any job boards. We only post to the right 100+ job boards where your applicants are looking; when they are looking!

Our OnePost technology works with a network of the most popular job boards including Indeed, Google, Monster, Zip Recruiter, Craig’s List and Veterans Job Boards to name a few.

You set the number of applicants you want and need to fill your jobs and we will conduct a competitive analysis of your job market situation and recommend a budget.

This is an integrated system for recruiting and selection.

  • We post your jobs to the right job boards using proprietary recruiting technology algorithms;
  • Candidates apply and are pre-qualified through your Applicant Tracking System (ATS);
  • You conduct brief pre-qualification phone interviews to determine if the applicant has the skills you are looking for.
  • You invite the best qualified candidates take cultural and job fit assessments;
  • You conduct interviews using our suggested questions
  • You make a job offer contingent upon a successful background check.

That's all there is to it...Simple, Human, Smart and Affordable!