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Solving Talent Management Challenges


If you want your people to S.O.A.R. ®.... Management needs to L.E.A.D.


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On-Boarding Fundamentals

"If you haven't thought about your compliance practices lately, rest assured the government has"

In fact, new mandates are introduced regularly, often realized for the first time when the "notice of Inspection" arrives.

Paper just can't keep up anymore!

On-Board Effortlessly with our online technology
There is a lot to worry about when it comes to onboarding new hourly employees. Onboarding paperwork brings with it a lengthy and complicated process that be very costly if done incorrectly (imagine audits, fines and penalties).

With us you’ll optimize the time and resources you spend on onboarding new hires and you’ll rest easy knowing your process is 100 percent compliant.

Our system auto-populates forms, reducing errors and guaranteeing legibility. And when required fields are left blank, your new hires can’t continue in the process, so no more having to check behind them.

With built-in error checking and other enhanced functionality, we eliminate the extra work often associated with the new employee onboarding process and you have:

  • High compliance on W4s and state forms and instant verification on I-9s through the federal E-Verify program.
  • A Simplified workflow with a solution built for hourly employers that streamlines the new employee onboarding process through a convenient dashboard.

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