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Recruiting Insight

 Post to over 20,000 job boards with revolutionary, state-of-the-art technology, only post jobs where candidates are currently searching in real time. Attract and vet candidates with behavioral media ads and job advertising descriptions. Pre-qualify, track and manage applicants with an integrated ATS System. Cut the time to hire by over 70%.



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Selection Insight

 Access our library of custom, validated, behaviorial HR Hiring Assessments. Learn how selecting talent is improved with the use of hiring assessments. Learn why job fit matters and how to deploy hiring tools to avoid hiring the wrong person.  Learn how to conduct great, revealing interviews to discover talent and why a candidate may not be a good choice if you hire or promote them.


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Background Screening Insight

Understand how to improve your background and drug screening strategy and access secure, low cost, quick turnaround reporting on all HR pre & post employment services. Learn more about how background screening works and how to understand the Department of Labor guidelines on Background and Drug Screening Policies.


solutions 2OnBoarding Insight

 Learn why Web-based Human Resource Information System (HRIS) with integrated onboarding and benefit management modules can improve your recordkeeping and how you can cut significant administrative time compared to paper-based systems.


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Leadership Insight

 Access leadership performance improvement strategies that help leaders to be more effective. Get access to leadership information about executive coaching and leadership executive assessments.  Discover how 360 surveys will help leaders focus on the difference between intent and impact, working with the team and direct reports.


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Performance Improvement Insight

Discover how behaviorial-focused Job Descriptions, Learning Checklists, Performance Development Reviews, are all linked on one web-accessed system to improve the perfomance of your team.  Discover how coaching sessions using coaching job fit assessments will result in continuous performance improvement.   


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Sales Management Insight

Learn how value-driven sales strategies will result in a salesperson's performance improvement.  Learn now to analyze what is critical to the success of a salesperson, why they are great or why they are challenged to acquire and close more sales, resulting in loss of business opportunities.  


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Customer Service Insight

Plan your customer service strategies by planning from the customer back.  Define your customer service success factors and train employees based on how they react to customer service situations.  Assess your company's customer service policies to get everyone on the same page when dealing with your customers. 


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Employee Retention

Learn how to pinpoint why good employees leave your company and how job fit is critical to reducing expensive employee turnover. 



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Workforce Opportunity (WOTC) Tax Credit Management Insight

Learn how to cut the time associated with the administrative burden of managing WOTC activities. 


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HR ROI Improvement Insight

Improve your return on human capital investment.  Discover and analyze what opportunities you have based on your actual HR performance improvement statistics. Perform an analysis on the productivity of various groups of employees and develop strategies to lower the cost of HR.


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Career Transition Insight

Provide coaching to outbound employees to assure the employee exits your company with a good feeling on how you are considerate about them as a human being.  Employees that leave your company with respect can be ambassadors in your local market place.