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Conduct Background Check and Drug Screen

 When you decide to proceed with extending an offer, make it conditional upon a successful outcome of a comprehensive reference, criminal background check and clear drug screen.

On approval of the offer, order the appropriate services for each job.

Note: You must have the applicant fill out and sign a background release consent form. This is a legal requirement before you can proceed. The background company should not proceed without the proper authorization from the applicant.  Consider using Veriproved's "Screen Me Know" self-administered, applicant portal for a complete, compliant screening process.

Our recommendation for basic employee positions is as follows:

We advise you to use a professional, accredited CRA (Credit Reporting Agency) to conduct background and drug screening service to assure compliance with EEO. 

Ask for a complete list of background checks from our Veriproved Background and Drug Screening Services. You must be very careful about ordering background checks as each check must have a specific, job-related reason why they are ordered.

Also, your Company’s policy  on background screening should be clearly stated in your employee handbook.  Putting the Puzzle Together is a process that advocates "one small step at a time"  for a complete Human System to improve productivity, lower HR capital, manage costs and get an improved return on Human Capital Investment.

Visit our Veriproved Screening Website for more information.

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