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Why Our Organizational Fit to Pre-qualify Applicants?

The first is to determine if the candidate fits your culture, and  the report functions as a guide to conducting a good first interview, usually on the telephone using the applicant's responses in the ATS and the suggested interview questions in the Organizational Fit Assessment. 

Organizational Fit Assessments are designed to determine:

  • Does the candidate have the attitudes and behaviors to work well within your organization?
  • Are they likely to be:
    • Responsible?
    • Hardworking?
    • Reliable?
    • Drug-free Attitude?
    • Follow Company Rules?
    • Trustworthy?
    • Good Work Ethic
    • Candid and accurate in their responses and not trying to outsmart the test?

All of this in an inexpensive, online assessment that only requires 15 minutes to take.

We work with you to select the right behaviors that determine success for each job. It is a customized assessment that allows you to determine if the candidate is the right fit for your job.

Here is a link to download a sample report

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