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The main reasons you make expensive hiring mistakes

We've all hired people who are honest, reliable, safety conscious, a team player, non-confrontational, able to handle stress, not drug abusers and can perform on the job. Correct? 

We’ve all hired people, unfortunately, who turned out to be a disaster on the job. Not a bad person. Just didn’t fit in at all with the company or the job. Also Correct!

So, ask yourself, what information didn't you know about the last person that, if you had known it beforehand, could have prevented you make that bad hiring decision?

Too many managers hire for the skills that the candidate has and then fire them for the behaviors that they exhibit on the job. Why? Because managers know the technical part of the job but are not usually trained on how to identify the behaviors and attitudes that ultimately drive success on the job.

It takes time, money and a good deal of stress to correct the problem tainting your workplace.


The solution is to use Behavioral Assessments to make informed hiring decisions.

  1. Behavioral Assessments are developed by industrial psychologists to identify those behavioral traits you need to know before you hire them.
  2. The tests are validated so you can have confidence in the information you get from the results.
  3. They describe the behavioral patterns the candidate possesses, coaching comments, and specific interview questions to ask during a face-to-face interview to probe those areas where questions may occur.

The Organizational Fit Survey Will Help you discover if a person is likely to be a problem employee in your organization.

What’s Important To Know BEFORE You make the job offer:

Do they fit your culture? ( do they exhibit the behavioral traits that are compatible with your organization)

Are they reliable? (likely to be dependable, stable, take responsibility for their actions.)

Likely to abuse drugs? ( likely to be free of illegal drug use rules)

Show up on time? (not likely to have attendance problems.)

Follow your rules? (likely to follow company policies and adhere to rules.)

Are non-violent? (likely to respect others and not engage in aggressive workplace behavior such as intentionally damaging company property.)

Are they a "Team Player"? (likely to cooperate in all aspects of their work relationships.)

Are they safety conscious? (likely to follow company safety rules and is cautious and vigilant about avoiding workplace accidents.)

 Are they trustworthy? (likely to be honest.)

Did they try to fake the test? (candid and accurate in their responses and not trying to outsmart the test.)


The TalentValue Job Fit Assessments will help you determine if candidates can do the job, will be productive and like the job.

Benchmarked Job Specific Success Predictors that are predictive and reliable:

  1. You choose the behaviors you know will drive success for each job.
  2. The behaviors that drive success for a salesperson is different than the behaviors that drive success for an accounting individual.
  3. Your TalentValue Advisor will help you select the right grouping of behavioral traits for each job from our library of assessment modules.
  4. All validated behavioral scales are combined into one assessment designed for your job; based on what works for you.

Think of what information you have now when making your decision about whether to proceed or not:

  • The resume to identify their work history
  • The application with initial technical and behavioral information on how this candidate will perform on the job from the ATS.
  • An Organizational Fit assessment to understand how they will fit in your company
  • A Job Fit assessment to realize how they will handle the job and if they are the right job match. 
  • The face to face interview based on questions generated from their assessment results.

You are now ready to make an informed decision based on real data, not just a hope and a guess.

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