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Camera Car Driver and Field Investigator

The Camera Car Driver and Field Investigator plays a vital role in the repossession industry. They help to recover the cars, vehicles and other assets for our clients. They work closely with recovery agents to locate and secure our client's collateral.   Apply Here

Yard/Lot Manager

The Yard Manager plays a vital role in managing each repossessed vehicles and coordinating the handling of property for our clients, debtors, and transport companies.  Apply Here

Case Manager Skip Tracer

The Case Manager is an important position in our companies. They maintain the relationships with the clients and manage their accounts day to day. They can also be responsible for investigating cases and tracing the addresses of people who have skipped their payments.  Apply Here

Administrative Release Assistant

The Administrative Release Assistant is an important position in the company. They are responsible for the smooth and accurate flow of paperwork throughout the company. They also work with the clients to be sure they receive the information they need.  Apply Here

Repossession Field Agent

The Repossession Field Agent’s job involves investigating and tracking the known locations of cars out for repossession, securing them, and towing the vehicles to the appropriate company yard.  Apply Here

Transportation Coordinator Clerk

The Transportation Coordination Clerk plays a critical role in the operation making sure all the paperwork is done correctly and information is accurately shared with our vendors.  Apply Here

Customer Service Representative

The Customer Service Representative will answer phones, talk with the public, act as a liaison between our clients and help to locate the cars we are asked to find.  Apply Here