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Make it a Habit to L.E.A.D.

When the typical employer is asked for the reason why most people leave their jobs, the most common answer is “money”.  Since the customer is not coming to the company offering more money for the same work being done, many companies feel they are stuck between the proverbial “rock and hard place.” In surveys done with the employees, when the employers are not in the room, they give the following reasons for changing jobs – in this order:

  1. Poor supervision; no one told me what to do so I can understand it
  2. Job not challenging enough; not learning and growing; no one taught me anything
  3. No recognition or appreciation; no one bothered to notice what I do except to criticize me
  4. Not getting paid what they think they are worth; a poor personal “R.O.I.”; I don’t see why I should stick around here… I am going no place fast.


Perhaps if we just switch the emphasis we may find a potential solution…. That people will stay if leaders of organizations pay attention to same four reasons in the same order. Leaders need to be:

  1. Leading – Leaders provide clear and understandable direction and support each and every time to every person with whom they deal.
  2. Educating – Leaders allow their people to grow and learn by developing a challenging and creative workplace. They communicate more rather than less.
  3. Appreciating and Assessing – Leaders need to appreciate and recognize people for the job they are doing; they have to say thank you for a job well done – a lot.
  4. Dollarizing – Leaders make sure that their people know they are accomplishing something important. Their people know it is worth the effort they are putting into the job. They feel they are paid fairly for the work they do… that the dollars being paid warrants the effort put into the job. “Dollarizing” means putting a dollar value on the work and the efforts being made.


Every time you want to communicate something to someone think:  L.E.A.D. Leadership – did I tell them exactly what I want? Are we choosing the most effective things to do? Education – do they know how to do what I expect them to do?  How are we growing and learning? Are we becoming better by know our customers? Appreciation – have I thanked them for the efforts they are making? Do you recognize their contributions?  Are we becoming better by building the right team? Dollarization – do they know the reason why they are doing what they are doing? Are we becoming better by focusing on the results? Can they calculate their own “R.O.I. (Return on Investment) on what they are putting into the job each day?”

Make it a habit to L.E.A.D. every day. You will find your employees will be less likely to be convinced by your competition that “$2” more is worth leaving the best place to work. Isn’t that worth striving for in your business, and taking the time to make it happen?

You can not motivate people. You can only create an environment in which people become self-motivated. All people are motivated and do things for their own reasons. So the challenge is not motivation, but the challenge is leadership.  How will you get people to do the things you want them to do? Contact Doug Duncan to get the ball rolling!